I got a great email today from a guy who lost his cat and the chain of events that occurred after watching Craigslist Joe with his girlfriend. Here it is…

Hey man, my name is Pat and I live on Long Island in NY. Me and my girlfriend watched your documentary randomly on netflix the other day. I had never heard of it but we both loved it, so much so that I suggested it to my younger sister. She watched and loved it as well. I tell you that to tell you this, we have a cat that ran away from a house my family had been staying at in between moving and renovating. We did your typical post flyers and pennysaver ad, 3 months went by and…..nothing. We had pretty much assumed he was dead seeing as how it was now January in NY. After seeing your film, my sister posted an ad on craigslist…..2 days later and we got our cat back. I had to do a triple take because I couldn’t believe it actually was the little guy.

I have decided that this chain of events doesn’t occur without me watching (and enjoying) your film.

-Thanks for our cat back

Ps- We’re changing his name to either “Craig” or “Joe” (photos below)

image image_2
here’s a link to our trailer featuring the song “Lost and Found” by Katie Herzig… http://youtu.be/RG2fX_E0sc0