I stumbled upon my myspace profile today and felt a little nostalgic and a bit sad. I didn’t even log on. Just looked at it. It’s the same feeling you get when you’re looking through old photographs, (not the ones in little squares on your phone, not the ones on your computer, but back when we actually got them developed. Remember those days?)… so you’re looking through a box of photos and you come across one from 15 years ago. Maybe back when you were in high school. Maybe even before then. You stop what you were doing and just stare at that photograph. It’s a picture of you with your best friend. Your Best friend.

You just look at it. “Wow we were young. Look at us. So happy.”

Sure you and your best friend are still friends. You see each other whenever you can, be sure to always Like their updates on facebook, maybe even write them a funny card on their birthday. But probably just an email or a phone call.

Does this mean that you guys have grown apart? Or maybe, just grown? New responsibilities. Busy. Lot’s of work to do, not enough time, even for yourself. They have a family now. You can’t go out on a Thursday night and get completely wasted together anymore. Or just go over to their house and watch movies for hours and hours without ever thinking about life outside that living room. A simpler time perhaps?

But did we realize it back then? Back then it was hard too. Not enough time. A lot of uncertainty. Unthinkable heartache. In 20 years from now, won’t we probably look back at this moment and think about how good we had it? Maybe we can’t always see it until it’s behind us? I think we tend to over idealize the past, not be present enough in the moment, and are unable to fully grasp our future.

So as Ben Folds Five “Brick” plays on my computer, I put the old photos back in the shoebox and back into the closet. I close the tab on my myspace window and I smile.